ImprovWordArt | jake, iO week 1, section 4

jake_curtisMeet Jake Curtis. I met Jake on 2015 July 7, which was the first day of the iO Five-Week Summer Intensive in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He was one of 15 people I met that day in what was known as Section 4 (out of nine sections total) of the summer intensive program.

ImprovWordArt. This post is the first of sharing Jake’s word art, for which I am simply calling it what it is, ImprovWordArt. (Have an alternative suggestion, let me know.) Each week of class, Jake took notes – or rather, he creatively drew words – on a 5″ x 8″ blank journal page.  Each week we had 4-days of class, 6 hours (including about an hour break) per class. Therefore, effectively, we had about 20 hours of class time each week. each class, Jake penned quotes, quips, and tips. (Me? I took notes the old school way.)

Week 1 with Todd. Todd Edwards (at iO Chicago) was our instructor for the class described as follows –

This class teaches the basics of the iO style of improvisation, patterns, theory, connections, and iO’s philosophy on long-form improvisation.

Indeed, Todd introduced us to iO basics. He also provided encouragement of group bonding activities and demonstrated his witty banter (understatement) and outrageous shirt ownership (understatement).


The pictures? One day we wore our interpretation of black + white. On another day, we wore our interpretation of obnoxious. Can you find Jake?*

Week 1 Recap

Here is Jake’s word art for our first week of improv. And whether or not you were in our class and whether or not you are an improvisor, there are many life-related quips and statements in this lovely ImprovWordArt. Below I have written several quips.


:: everyone is an artist, genius, and a poet :: have fun ::
 types of tags – learned behaviour, time jump,
location jump, pattern follow, tangential ::
:: follow the fun :: you is enough ::
:: (hey, you look …) do not talk about what you are doing :: hive mind ::
:: objects have weight ::
emotion trumps all :: be honest :: make patterns ::
 use space work to create a world :: earn your dick jokes ::
:: be vulnerable :: personal, professional, private :: use superlatives ::
don’t lose your shit :: you don’t need conflict ::
compliment each other. (you look good!) ::
let go of words and let emotion carry you :: 
:: what’s your motivation? :: start with an emotion :: eye contact ::
:: positivity constructs, negativity destroys :: emotion trumps ::
:: you don’t need permission to be successful ::
:: the situation makes the comedy, the relationship makes the scene ::
:: take the audience on the steps ::
:: you don’t always have to talk :: emotion trumps ::
:: offer the change :: listen :: if it’s not honest, why would you do it? ::

What caught your eye in Jake’s ImprovWordArt? What resonates with you? If you are not an improvisor, to what do you relate? If you are an improvisor – agree or disagree?

* HINT: white button (more like velcro) down shirt.
being there in real life –

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