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Thanks so much to a friend who shared the following –

After yesterday’s THUNDERDOME at Endgames Improv where my team Guam (about our beginnings) won for the third week, I received the above text message.

The Intensive. My friend is referring to this year’s iO Five-Week Summer Intensive in Chicago, Illinois, USA. (He was part of the 2014 intensive.) And indeed, at the intensive, there is much that I learned, relearned, and unlearned about my love of improv practices and philosophies – my perspectives have shifted with regards to improv (watching, performing, learning) and applied improv.*

11816176_10153571896547774_8386694876674461020_owk2 improvwordartSpot On. Since returning from Chicago to the SF Bay area in early August, I have felt the shift of my being more comfortable, confident, and playful.

That said, here (in no special order) are a few quotes from the intensive’s iO Week 1 and iO Week 2 that I find myself recollecting and sharing with friends fairly regularly.

:: you is enough ::
:: you don’t need conflict ::
:: compliment each other. (you look good!) ::
:: positivity constructs, negativity destroys ::
:: if it’s not honest, why would you do it? ::
:: we are detectives hunting for clues ::
:: physicality can lead you to your character ::
try being each other’s most interesting person ::
you can think with your head, heart, and/or groin ::
:: build a scene brick by brick ::
:: don’t let it feel like work ::
:: discovery over invention ::
:: if it feels weird, let it get weirder ::
:: give yourself permission to play ::
:: never stop making glorious failures ::

Five weeks of being part of an awesome section and a community where hard core loving each other and loving one’s self is the air we breathed, it is tough not to be playful. And it’s fun to bring more playful back home.

What verbal or written hugs (or even physical hugs) have you given your improviser friend(s)?

*As an extension of this, I continue digging deeper into
behavior design and coaching,
which involves improv practices and philosophies.


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