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Online Writers’ Workshop by Michelle R. Smith

I am in the midst of a writers’ workshop. Interested in being part of a writers’ workshop? Michelle will be hosting another series of workshops in July. Make this a summer activity to enjoy, learn, and discover the writer you are. Michelle is on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger.

On meeting Michelle and her writing – virtually

I came across Michelle’s December 2016 post, Love Deez Nutz, or Why Van Jones is Wrong and Maybe Even A Bit of a Bullshitting Magical Negro, or Happy Friday From My Corner of Trump’s America – Whatever You Like – I’m Tired, and then her follow-on post days later, It’s Not Them; It’s Us: On Martin, Malcolm, Then, and Now. (I was one of the folks who came across her Love Deez Nutz post after the more than 30,000 people.)

Love Deez Nutz started me thinking more about personal narratives, experiences, and perspectives shared by friends and strangers about Trump becoming president. I found (and continue to find) myself thinking about Michelle’s writing – “Wow! What clarity in her point of view.”  Her writing made (and continues to make) me think, react, and discover other areas of the landscape of race and culture that I have not thought of for myself or those around me. It’s a great exploration – her personal blog, The Bluest i. (GO there NOW.)

My weekend workshop moments

Yesterday was Saturday, June 2.  Since May 28, I have been part of Michelle R. Smith’s Writers’ Workshop.  Amidst the many activities around this time of year (e.g., graduations, holidays, celebrations), we may extend beyond ten days, and that is okay with me.

The orange journal? It is where I keep my notes, thoughts, and ideas that continue to emerge from the workshop activities. (I turn in my assignments via email, while retaining them in Google docs.)

I spent part of my Saturday afternoon revisiting my notes from the first couple of days of the workshop and checking in with others who are part of the workshop. With several days of the workshop, I have dug deep into my grey matter and beating heart, while enjoying the intense self-reflection that has emerged from Michelle’s daily workshop activities.

Tidbits about her workshop

Michelle’s online workshop for “… freeing up your creativity and building your confidence” includes –

  • submitting a written piece (toward the end of the workshop) for Michelle’s discussion/critique
  • completing writing activities based on Michelle’s prompts for each of her ten principle
  • delving daily into each of her ten principles
  • receiving Michelle’s feedback and coaching

– and I would add that it is an opportunity to set time aside to be part of the writing community she is creating and supporting.

My doubts about my writing and being a writer

Yup, I have my doubts – about me as a writer. A few of the doubts have run fairly deep over the years.  And emerging from the first few days as part of Michelle’s workshop, I can point to (at least) eight solid doubts (I’m looking at that list in my journal now) that I have had for many years.

The special part about this workshop? Michelle’s feedback and coaching.


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