ImprovWordArt | jake, iO week 2, section 4

jake_curtis(See ImprovWordArt for Week 1 over here)
Meet Jake Curtis. I met Jake on 2015 July 7, which was the first day of the iO Five-Week Summer Intensive in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He was one of 15 people I met that day in what was known as Section 4 (out of nine sections total) of the summer intensive program. This post is the second of sharing Jake’s ImprovWordArt.

Week 2 with Tara. Tara DeFrancisco (at iO Chicago, on web) was our instructor for the class described as follows –

Here you will build on the teachings of Level 1 while allowing you to discover your strengths; it focuses on character creation, “the group mind” and object/environment work.

Here is a thing that happened during our week 2. We “bent” time! During an exercise called soundscape, for several of us during that exercise, what felt as if 5-10 minutes had passed, in actuality, more than 30-minutes passed. WTF!? (SPOOKY!)

Wk2 with Tara_group

Week 2 Recap

Here is Jake’s word art for our second week of improv. And whether or not you were in our class and whether or not you are an improvisor, there are many life-related quips and statements in this lovely ImprovWordArt. Below I have written several quips.

wk2 improvwordart

:: we are detectives hunting for clues :: stage picture – symmetry ::
:: physicality can lead you to your character ::  group eye contact ::
:: if you are not having fun,  you are the asshole :: carpe diem ::
:: everything matters :: mistakes are gifts :: have one point of view ::
:: don’t turn your back to the audience :: it’s alright to slow down ::
:: try being each other’s most interesting person ::
:: we must believe in alchemy ::
beat the dead horse :: heart trumps plot :: don’t invent a problem ::
:: love on each other hardcore :: say how you feel ::
:: be ready to die :: play other people’s games :: listen ::
:: give yourself permission to play :: try being in the same boat ::
(i heard that …) don’t gossip ::
:: you can think with your head, heart, and/or groin ::
:: improv rules are for dicks. improv dares – try matching energy
figure out how you feel about each other, do a scene with no questions,
do not talk about what you are doing ::
:: fly or fail :: be present :: initiations should be crystal clear ::
:: don’t mask indecision as patience ::
build a scene brick by brick ::  it looks cooler than it feels ::
:: find the fun :: heighten :: no fear :: don’t block :: lead with emotions ::
:: yes, and … why? :: don’t let it feel like work ::
:: share p.o.v. :: people being people ::
:: don’t drop your shit. adjust your shit :: improvisers are actors ::
:: you’re always as good as your next show :: iO theatre of the heart ::
:: discovery over invention :: never stop making glorious failures ::
:: if it feels weird, let it get weirder ::
:: give yourself permission to play :: 

What caught your eye in Jake’s ImprovWordArt? What resonates with you? If you are not an improvisor, to what do you relate? If you are an improvisor – agree or disagree?

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