Show Your Work with Colorized Improv

showyourworkkleonThis is in the spirit of show your work (in the Austin Kleon approach) for Colorized Improv (on Facebook).

Here I share a variety of thoughts, inspirations, and activities related to creating (and now co-creating) an approach in improv that is thoughtful about expressing the cultural landscape. Here are blog posts and tags for my working-out-loud –

  • Bicultural | brewing improv ideas – a blog post where I shared with friends my stream-of-consciousness typing about my idea of bicultural improv earlier this year, e.g., the idea of purposely incorporating into scene work one’s bicultural experience
  • Unpanel – the tag associated with four blog posts about the June 2015 Bay Area Book Festival event at a panel titled Who We Be: An Un-Panel About Our Colorized Futures, hosted by Jeff Chang and featuring by Adam Mansbach, Favianna Rodriguez, and W. Kamau Bell. It was after this event that a flurry of ideas came about. Big thanks to friend Johnathan for spending time afterwards – bouncing around ideas.



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