Dog | on making noises

Because of Bella . . .

Thirsty Bella sitting on my lap, looking at a bird

(snoring) … I learned that little dogs can make medium snore noises, and they dream, right?

(snoring) … I learned that I wake Bella up with MY snoring.

(hardwood floor) … I enjoy hearing Bella’s pitter paw patter around my home.

(hardwood floor) … When I don’t hear Bella’s pitter patter (for a minute or so) as she free ranges around my home, I pitter patter around my home, looking at my floor (and a few area rugs).

(sneezing) … Bless you, Bella.

(brr) … Walks have been a bit chilly these past days.

(burr) … Bella’s hair is a burr sanctuary. For burrs that are squatting around her paws + belly and that have been pretty stubborn to remove (and I’ve been really obsessed with pulling them off), I’ve trimmed them off as a last resort.  Afterwards, sometimes Bella lets out a teeny woof. I think it’s a happy teeny woof.

(Day 6) No accidents since Day 3. Yay!
(“Because of Bella” began on Day 0.


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