ImprovWordArt | jake, iO week 3, section 4


jake_curtis(See ImprovWordArt for Week 1 over here, and Week 2 over here)
Meet Jake Curtis. I met Jake on 2015 July 7, which was the first day of the iO Five-Week Summer Intensive in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Jake was one of 15 people I met that day in what was known as Section 4 (out of nine sections total) of the summer intensive program. This post is the third of sharing Jake’s ImprovWordArt.

Week 3 with Rance. Rance Rizzutto (at iO Chicago, web, Facebook) was our instructor for the class described as follows –

This class concentrates on the two-person scene, the anchor of long-form improvisation.

– and indeed, we dug and dove deep into two-person scenes.


Our two-person scenes were inspired, created, and evolved from sound, movement, silence, point of view, intense eye contact, touch, tropes, emotion, fear, and (my very personal favorite) – SURPRISE!

surprise for a_ax

I think of this like an hour glass where any scene can be a series of surprises (including discoveries) and each improvisor can “turn it [the scene] over and over and …”. (I’ll have a separate post on this later. This was my “ah ha” moment.)

Week 3 Recap

Here is Jake’s word art for our third week of improv. And whether or not you were in our class and whether or not you are an improvisor, there are many life-related quips and statements in this lovely ImprovWordArt. Below I have written several quips.

12006668_10153679598697774_2862075023178987423_o (1)

:: play like it’s going to last forever; edit like you’ve got some more ::
always trust that something will happen ::
respond line by line :: engage with your environment ::
experience real life and your improv will improve ::
yeah, yeah, yeah :: don’t (you) fix mistaks ::
find the joy :: indecision will fuck you up ::
two person scenes are at the center of everything ::
explore the world you have created ::
always be ready to surprise your partner ::
if you are the villain, you can not win ::
energy = emotion X intensity ::
words are secondary to emotion :: you have to listen ::
enter with everything ready to drop anything ::
one-third –
imagine 1/3 of your audience is blind,
imagine 1/3 of your audience is deaf,
imagine 1/3 of your audience is regular ::
kisses are just high-5’s with lips, don’t be scared of them ::
the audience will feel as much as you feel ::
slice of life or today’s the day!
(can emotionally jump start a scene) ::
scenes don’t need to be jokey ::
ask what does your character want? ::
if you know where you are, don’t worry about other people ::
scenes between strangers are about vulnerability ::
(nice to meet you) ::
don’t shove the who, what, where out immediately ::
go big or go home :: react to things ::

What caught your eye in Jake’s ImprovWordArt? What resonates with you? If you are not an improvisor, to what do you relate? If you are an improvisor – agree or disagree?


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