I think that’s one of the things that happens when you are thinking about a given idea a lot; you start seeing resonances to that idea everywhere, in the things that you read, the things that you see.
Ted Chiang
(Avi Solomon interview of Ted Chiang on Writing)

I am a Behavior Designer who is very much inspired by improvisation. I am an Improvisor who strives to practice the craft of improv not only on stage but also in life. I am a Tiny Habits® Certified Coach, inspired by improv philosophies and practices, while respecting a person’s values and endeavors – starting out small, creating tiny habits, and engaging in practices that support such habits – shifts happen with tiny changes. And I am inspired by the characteristics and behaviors of Servant Leadership.

Here at an improvised life (dot) me is not only where I share about serving as a coach but also where I share quick thoughts-in-progress that may (or may not) influence and contribute to Anthrocubeology, creating workspace cultural shifts. My tag line –

from data point to catalyst: an agent helping human beings create meaningful shifts

– expresses that I believe I am one of many people who serve as an agent for others creating shifts, shifts in the workspace that ultimately ripple to everyday life.

Having already crossed the half-century mark, I am a collection of my unique experiences, beliefs, values, and the memories I make. And while I cannot empirically say that with age comes wisdom, I can say that I am leading an improvised life – and I am here to support others making shifts in their improvised lives

Thanks for visiting,
– Shirley
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