Dog | the Target store run and walks

Because of Bella … 

Bella at front door porch

(parks and lawns) … That patch of lawn in the picture – one of several grass patches that Bella has visited for relief.

(gardens) … I appreciate neighbors’ gardens and curb appeal, especially seeing flowers blooming.

(shopping) … I learned that I can buy products specifically for dog odor and stain removal/eliminator at my nearby Target.

(cleaning) After knowing she has cozied up to and rubbed up against wet stuff (aka pee), I wipe down Bella’s hair  (and yes, Bella’s Mom left me with shampoo and a towel as a just in case).

(grooming) … I brush Bella’s hair (way more than my hair), pull nature’s gifts (e.g., burrs, leaves, grasses) off of her, and trim off bits of matted hair.

(Day 3) Please poop sooner than later.
(Because of Bella began on Day 0)

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