F**k | eat and sleep

mansbach_twitterAuthor Adam Mansbach@adammansbach, on Facebook – was part of yesterday’s Bay Area Book Festival event at a panel titled Who We Be: An Un-Panel About Our Colorized Futures, hosted by Jeff Chang and described as –

Favianna Rodriguez, Oakland artist
W. Kamau Bell, comedian, FX Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell
Adam Mansbach, Go the Fuck to Sleep, Dead Run, You Have to Fucking Eat

Who’s afraid of 2043? No, really?

WhoWeBe_CoverBannerAt this Un-panel, author Jeff Chang (Who We Be, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop), award-winning visual artist Favianna Rodriguez (Migration Is Beautiful, CultureStrike), comedian/philosopher W. Kamau Bell (United Shades of America, Totally Biased) and author/parenting expert Adam Mansbach(Rage Is Back, The Dead Run, Go The F***k To Sleep, You Have to F****** Eat) riff and rant on art, culture, race, and demographobia.

Mansbach was the second of the three panelists to speak. (over here for my post on Favianna Rodriguez  and on W. Kamau Bell) Mansbach read from an article that he wrote about his dating a white woman. The article, which will be well worth the read (albeit better to have an audio reading by Mansbach) will appear in Salon.* A few phrases, among many, that tickled me included –

… because I had met her
… and contribute … to my nascent singleness
… conception of whiteness

And while one of my friends missed out on picking up Mansbach’s  Angry Black White Boy (which sold out at the event), my other friends picked up a couple of his books.

For a little bit of slacking off, enjoy readings from two of Mansbach’s books.

… oh, now you’re hungry. tough shit. …
excerpt from “YOU HAVE TO FU**KING EAT”

… Hell no, you can’t go to the bathroom. You know where you can go? The fuck to sleep.
excerpt from “GO THE F**K TO SLEEP”

*UPDATE: Salon article over here.


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