Haiku | a haiku a day

A paradigm shift away from crass materialism and toward embracing the incorrigible fecundity of Life.
– Andrew O. Dugas, when interviewed by Write Stuff

This was Andrew’s answer to the question “What would you like to see happen in your lifetime?” – part of the Litseen (on web, twitter) interview series for SF Weekly’s Write Stuff. Andrew’s interview was published in September 2014, with the full interview over here.

This is the haiku I received from Andrew O. Dugas (at haikuandy.com, Facebook) in May 2014 …

image… which served as one of his 1,001 postcard haikus that he mailed to people around the world. And as he shared on his website about his daily haiku endeavor –  “… project began on March 1, 2012 and completed on November 26, 2014 when I sent out the 1,001st postcard.”
imageAndrew’s weekly (Sundays) Haiku Scout newsletter curated by Haiku Andy (on Twitter) serves as daily inspiration, as I similarly shared in Poetry | a poem a day with Poetry 180.  Just sign up for Andrew’s newsletter.

AndrewODugas_EGLevel1Oh yeah. Do I know Andrew?

Had it not been for taking an improv class together back in 2012, I wonder if our paths would have otherwise crossed.

I am glad to have met a wonderful writer and human being.

2 thoughts on “Haiku | a haiku a day

    • You are welcome. Great to hear. They/Endgames Improv have modified the curriculum and have multiple classes. Let me know when. Perhaps I’ll retake and join in. And come out and catch shows, too.


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