Buoyant | unplug, celebrate, what you know

“To anyone scared of the future or chasing some thing that ultimately doesn’t matter – go outside as much as you can and unplug, go talk to friends, take care of you. Life doesn’t need to be a rat race. Celebrate. Stay buoyant. Stay loved. Treat people well. Cut out anyone that makes you feel like less than. It doesn’t matter. Are we getting it yet? It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. It matters what you know.”

– Tara DeFrancisco


In summer 2015, I met Tara at Chicago’s iO Five-Week Summer Intensive. Among the five summer intensive improv instructors I had throughout the five weeks, Tara was my (and fifteen other new improv friends) Week 2 improv instructor.

Wk2 with Tara_group

Beginning at the top row (Row 1): Will, Eric, Geoffrey, Yury, Ben, Chris. (Row 2) Ruta, Jake, Tara, Tim, Minh-Anh, Ginny, Aurelija. (Row 3) Simone, Brittany, Kath, Shirley.

Tara’s sentiment* that I have shared is an excerpt of her Facebook post, which was about a recent milestone in her life.

And here’s the thing – from my behavior designer and habit coaching perspectives, I was going to write a little more about my thoughts of her sentiment and offer some tiny habits to consider. Then I thought, “What’s more important?” Enjoy Tara’s quote from your perspective.

What is one thing that comes to mind when you read Tara’s sentiment?

*Thanks, Tara, for letting me share your sentiment with friends.