Throwback | thursday, guam with chivalry


In celebration, here is a picture of me and my buds from 10th grade I think. I was 15ish here. It’s a photo of a picture that was framed by my bud Sharmi and given to me as a birthday gift.
(Guam improv team member)

AHHHH … the yesteryears of the wonder years! Photos can bring back such wonderful memories.

BUT … You know what’s even better!?

#ThrowbackThursday with Chivalry Club

10922455_690522781064427_2284258264174024453_nEvery Thursday, 10:30 pm at San Francisco’s Stage Werx (on web, Facebook), Chivalry Club (on Facebook) – a long-form improv team – inspired by your photo and your story behind the photo hosts what they call #ThrowbackThursday.

Chivalry Club describes their show on Eventbrite (where you can purchase show tickets) –

Take a detour down memory lane.

Every Thursday night at 10:30, Chivalry Club gets the scoop on a photo from your past and then turns it into a raucous, hullaballoo of improvised comedy. Every picture tells a story, so get your sweet patootie down here and share yours! We promise not to make fun of that ol’ bowl cut too much.


Hey dawg, you comin’ to the show?

YAS you are!
Submit your #TBT photos by emailing them to:
Or hashing your tweets, Instas, and FB posts with:

We’ll randomly select one or two pics during the show. I hope we get yourrrrsss!

This happens WEEKLY, every Thursday night, just one of several shows that are part of the Endgames Improv (onTwitter, web) calendar line-up of weekly shows,


Guam-ing It Up

Tomorrow, Oct 1, Guam (on Facebook) will open for Chivalry Club’s #ThrowbackThursday show. And meanwhile, Guam members will keep looking for some sweet photo memories to share.


Circa 1984: U.C. Berkeley co-eds getting ready for a night of clubbing at the now-defunct I-Beam (on Yelp, wikipedia) in San Francisco, on student night, in true 1980s fashion for true 1980s music! – Shirley

 Also, Efficient Office Practices (of Facebook) will be sharing the evening with us. SO MUCH IMPROV!11393278_1080893635273424_2653538449174402285_n

See you Thursday, October 1, 10:30
Tickets at the door ($5 or free for current Endgames Improv students)
Tickets in advance at Eventbrite OVER HERE.