Dog | the Target store run and walks

Because of Bella … 

Bella at front door porch

(parks and lawns) … That patch of lawn in the picture – one of several grass patches that Bella has visited for relief.

(gardens) … I appreciate neighbors’ gardens and curb appeal, especially seeing flowers blooming.

(shopping) … I learned that I can buy products specifically for dog odor and stain removal/eliminator at my nearby Target.

(cleaning) After knowing she has cozied up to and rubbed up against wet stuff (aka pee), I wipe down Bella’s hair  (and yes, Bella’s Mom left me with shampoo and a towel as a just in case).

(grooming) … I brush Bella’s hair (way more than my hair), pull nature’s gifts (e.g., burrs, leaves, grasses) off of her, and trim off bits of matted hair.

(Day 3) Please poop sooner than later.
(Because of Bella began on Day 0)


Dog | because of Bella …

Because of Bella …

Bella at Fort Funston  (from Instagram: @bellasayswoof)

… I am chipping away at my stunted KonMari endeavor that began two years ago, along with my added effort earlier this February, to wrangle my journals and book.

Day 0: Yay(!) on becoming a short-term foster mom (starting tonight for the next (almost) two weeks) for this mix of a Maltipoo + Jack Russell, while her Mom-mom enjoys her vacation.

See you soon, Bella!

UPDATES Day 3 (on parks and lawns, gardens, shopping, cleaning, and grooming), Day 6 (on snoring, hardwood floors, sneezing, and brr/burr), Day 9 (free-range, walking, booty scooting, home office, away home office, stretching, farting, little road trips, drive-thru, and burr)

Book | Thanks for asking, Fernando

In March, friend Fernando A. Funes (who shares some of his poetry and writing over here on his blog and over here on Instagram) asked on Facebook –

Here, I share my responses to Fernando –

Stories of Your Life and Others, by Ted Chiang

There are several stories in Ted Chiang’s “Stories of Your Life and Others” collection of stories. (Introduced to this book back in 1999 … I gift it to others) I’ll share which stories later in my reply after looking through the list.

As a result of several stories, my mindset changed about what “present” means or can mean.

A Civil Action, by Jonathan Harr

“A Civil Action” – Non-fiction, environmental-related. (They made a movie out of it. Book better) I read this in 1997 as an “airplane” read because I am in the profession (regulatory compliance, environmental protection, etc.). From the plane to the hotel room, to the hotel lobby, to my hotel room bathroom (while my colleague was sleeping) … I read all the way through. I cried.

In 2004, I learned one of my friends – his family was among those directly impacted by this series of events. So while it may not have resonated with me in 1997, since 2004, it remains a very dear book.

As a result of this book, it reinforced my feelings about business and personal accountability on impacts on the environment.

When The Elephants Dance, by Tess Uriza Holthe

“When The Elephants Dance” – by a Filipino-American author. Fiction, inspired by real-life stories, described as – “… inspired, in part, by the experiences of her father, who was a young boy in the Philippines during World War II.” I read this in 2004 or 2005. I was very moved by it. Having this be personal stories about true history … and written so lovely – keeper and gifted to others

THEN … my Mom read this after me. She said she cried. Turns out many of the experiences, she and my Dad also experienced as kids during World War II, etc. Sadly, my dad died in 2002, so I never had a chance to talk with him or have him also read the book.

Harold and The Purple Crayon, by Crockett Johnson

And just my fave – Harold and The Purple Crayon – from a WAY EARLY AGE! Harold – an original improviser.

What is a book that changed your life and why?