Buoyant | unplug, celebrate, what you know

“To anyone scared of the future or chasing some thing that ultimately doesn’t matter – go outside as much as you can and unplug, go talk to friends, take care of you. Life doesn’t need to be a rat race. Celebrate. Stay buoyant. Stay loved. Treat people well. Cut out anyone that makes you feel like less than. It doesn’t matter. Are we getting it yet? It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. It matters what you know.”

– Tara DeFrancisco


In summer 2015, I met Tara at Chicago’s iO Five-Week Summer Intensive. Among the five summer intensive improv instructors I had throughout the five weeks, Tara was my (and fifteen other new improv friends) Week 2 improv instructor.

Wk2 with Tara_group

Beginning at the top row (Row 1): Will, Eric, Geoffrey, Yury, Ben, Chris. (Row 2) Ruta, Jake, Tara, Tim, Minh-Anh, Ginny, Aurelija. (Row 3) Simone, Brittany, Kath, Shirley.

Tara’s sentiment* that I have shared is an excerpt of her Facebook post, which was about a recent milestone in her life.

And here’s the thing – from my behavior designer and habit coaching perspectives, I was going to write a little more about my thoughts of her sentiment and offer some tiny habits to consider. Then I thought, “What’s more important?” Enjoy Tara’s quote from your perspective.

What is one thing that comes to mind when you read Tara’s sentiment?

*Thanks, Tara, for letting me share your sentiment with friends.



Cubeopolis | lunchiversary

2016 April 12

More than two years ago, I quit my cubeopolis job, with April 4 as my last day. Yesterday, I had lunch with a few friends. Among us all, a Libra, Pisces, Taurus, Sagittarius, Aries, and Scorpio.


And completely unplanned,
I agreed to visit the remodeled U.S. EPA cubeopolis,
which is continuing more remodeling.

12Apr_EPA tag

Unexpectedly, another former cubester friend who left EPA several months ago was in the lobby area as I was entering. (SQUEE!!!) And what a treat that the front security folks also greeted me by my first name. (Good memories!)

Because I was not in a socializing mood, I very surprisingly enjoyed taking a whirlwind tour of the 18th floor with “drive by” catching-up moments with a few former coworkers. And likewise, I crossed paths with several others on my way out of the building.

What did I learn?
I’ll be back (to visit longer).

Cubeopolis | it has been two years

2014 April 4

This date was my last day at a job where I worked 6 years, 8 months,
which is the longest I have worked for someone else
(other than my own consulting practice).*


With the help of a few friends, I cleared out my window-ish cubicle space,
followed the employee separation checklist, and packed and recycled files.
I also packed up tchotchkes for the ride home,

20:45 (Pacific)

… drove over to an Ecuadorian restaurant
for some mezcal, sangria, beer, chulpi, and cheers with friends.


And since then, I have been on – what one of my friends characterized nicely – an accidental sabbatical. More specifically, during these past two years, I have

  • re-established my environmental consulting practice, Resource Catalysts (or R|CAT) – think of power plants, distributed energy resources, environmental regulatory market research, permitting, regulations, and compliance for better air quality – and
  • am establishing my habit coaching practice as a Tiny Habits® Certified Coach with a specialty for An Improv Mindset in the Workspace – think of interactions, workspace, choices, and practices for workspace cultural shifts.

And tonight, I do some improv. (What’s new?)

Indeed, time flies.

*more than 13 years with my business and
3 years, 1 month for the next longest cubeopolis stint.