Coaching a Coach

Here is a Reblog Post from my friend Krish Eswaran – author of the blog Improv from Below and fellow improviser. We had a quick happy hour catch-up yesterday, and he commented about his backlog of posts. I am very glad to see he posted this – Coaching a Coach – which relates not only to coaching performing improvisers but also to applied improv pursuits. ENJOY!

Improv from Below

I attribute a lot of the progress I’ve made as an improviser to coaches, so I was excited when Max coached me on my improv coaching a few months ago. The session was part of Endgames’s training for new coaches and teachers, with the goal of instilling best practices to make them more effective in their roles. Since coaches have been integral to my development in areas outside of improv, I figured I could also apply any insights gleaned to other areas in which I serve a similar role.

Max observed me while I coached a three-hour practice with Patchwork. I had coached Patchwork once before this, and the feedback Max had relayed from that session was that the team wanted more notes from me, which was interesting because Patchwork includes many of my improv peers, where there can be some awkwardness in giving notes. I tried to rise to the occasion, but I felt that I’d gone overboard in the amount of notes I’d provided.

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Homecoming | alumni, memorial, mentors

“In Memory of Grace Rualo Asuncion (1971 – 1992)
Slain in old Eshleman Hall

An Intelligent, Vibrant, Committed Student
Who Will Always Be Remembered

From Her Friends | 1997
Rededicated | 2013″

12115900_10204822181171275_1563930049058779515_nThis post is sharing about my Sunday afternoon, spent at the University of California, Berkeley, campus, where I was reminded about friendship, living life and loving in full expression, family, and the value of mentors.

This past weekend was Homecoming at UC Berkeley – Yay(!) Cal Bears for winning on Saturday. Similar to last year, the Cal Pilipino American Alumni Chapter (on Facebook) held three events – PAAC Tailgate, PAAC Mixer, and Grace Asuncison Memorial + Luncheon events, as well as snagging a section in at the stadium for the game.

Grace’s Memorial Bench. Located between Zellerbach Hall and the Alumni House (aka Lower Sproul) on Cal’s campus is a lovely memorial bench. This was the site of the GRA Memorial & PAAC Alumni-Student Mentorship Event, a complimentary event for current students and alumni to meet and greet.


Romeo Marquez Jr. (on Twitter)

Highlights of the event included a wonderful inspirational and heartfelt welcome by Grace’s Mom, a buffet luncheon, an inspiring intro about the value of mentors, a “speed mentoring” event (think speed dating), lovely songs with keyboard accompanist, and an international motivational speaker – Romeo Marquez Jr. (on web,TwitterInstagram). Very much an afternoon treat!

Student-Alum Mentorship. Upcoming in the Cal PAAC endeavors is the formation of a student-alumni mentorship program. This is simply a note to myself and others – THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN!


Hey Cal Bears – What did you do for Homecoming Weekend? What role have you played as a Mentor? What influence has a Mentor(s) had on your personal and professional development?


















Thunderdome | guam, dermy the pig, again

guam_thunderdome week 2

GUAM, L to R: Shirley, Frances, Ariel, Mithra, Ashley

Last night, Tuesday, THIS happened AGAIN. And by again, it is because THIS happened last week.

All female-improv group Guam (on Facebook) came out as the evening’s winner – after being challenged by Jax – at the weekly San Francisco THUNDERDOME Cage Match (on Facebook), produced by James Roop.


THUNDERDOME, as described by host Endgames Improv (onTwitter, web), is as follows –

“Two teams enter, ONLY ONE SURVIVES! THUNDERDOME is the weekly cage match style show through Endgames Improv Theater. Every Tuesday at 9 pm two teams enter the THUNDERDOME and improvise for the audience’s laughter and adulation.

1654138_410305982469478_7227331797214444416_nThe winner receives glory, fame, wealth, and a high five. The loser gets a lifetime supply of shame, embarrassment, and a disappointed text from their mother. The best part: the audience decides the winner! Come judge some people every Tuesday at 9 pm! $5!”

Thanks to friends who shared their sentiments about our set, summarized as –

It was clear [you] enjoyed each other and the team chemistry was palpable.

Our Next Thunderdome Challenger: Fools of Mercury

We look forward to our next Thunderdome with Fools of Mercury (on Facebook) – a San Francisco-based improv group consisting of Nathan Emley, Rico Roque, and Andy Schweig.

1549570_599682583420278_188203632_nSee you Tuesday, September 1, 9:00-10:00
Tickets at the door ($5 or free for current Endgames Improv students)
Tickets in advance at Eventbrite OVER HERE.