Dog | because of Bella …

Because of Bella …

Bella at Fort Funston  (from Instagram: @bellasayswoof)

… I am chipping away at my stunted KonMari endeavor that began two years ago, along with my added effort earlier this February, to wrangle my journals and book.

Day 0: Yay(!) on becoming a short-term foster mom (starting tonight for the next (almost) two weeks) for this mix of a Maltipoo + Jack Russell, while her Mom-mom enjoys her vacation.

See you soon, Bella!

UPDATES Day 3 (on parks and lawns, gardens, shopping, cleaning, and grooming), Day 6 (on snoring, hardwood floors, sneezing, and brr/burr), Day 9 (free-range, walking, booty scooting, home office, away home office, stretching, farting, little road trips, drive-thru, and burr)


3 thoughts on “Dog | because of Bella …

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