Time | since June 2016, now time to write

“Choices are a privilege defined by circumstance. In this country, the circumstance is always racism, oftentimes poverty. The two combined strip our choices away to the minimum.”

– Mychal Denzel Smith
(from his book “Invisible Man, Got the Whole World Watching: A Young Black Man’s Education”)

What?! June 2016 is the previous blog post to this one!

Well, it’s neither that I have forgotten about this blog nor that I don’t have anything to share.

My guess – life stuff (e.g., work, family, friends), including the 2016 presidential election and outcome. This post? A random list of things since June 2016 (and certainly not comprehensive), a few pictures, two things that continue to pop-up regularly as I navigate my thoughts, and why I’m posting. Oh! and Trump is a racist.

A few of my random tidbits since June 2016 include –

Mom’s 83rd birthday celebration with my brother and his family

December 2017 company dinner

  • reading quite a bit of non-fiction (books, blogs, journalists, researchers, etc.), particularly related to race and culture, including re-reading Jeff Chang’s Who We Be: The Colorization of America
  • … and keeping odd hours throughout the day and night.

Why posting today?  Just to get my thoughts/feelings out – I loathe that we have a racist President.  And there are times where I just … don’t want. Don’t want to listen to the news and like-kind. Don’t want to read about ridiculous shitty statements. Don’t want to piece together uninformed decisions. Don’t want to interact.

But then there are the thoughts that swim in my head or events that trigger thoughts … for the better.  This morning I had a conversation with a friend. I was reminded of two things that continue to pop-up regularly as I navigate my thoughts  –

  • narrative creation – What Favianna Rodriguez shared at a 2015 panel about the importance of culture and narrative (and this was BEFORE the presidential campaigns were in full swing) –
    … people defining culture are creating laws, affecting laws, etc.
    … culture surrounds us everyday … we form our opinions based on what’s around us, … allows us to define ourselves
    … narrative correction is important and narrative creation is important
    … stop being the NO culture … what does the YES look like?
  • L.O.V.E. from Love Deez Nutz, or Why Van Jones Is Wrong and Maybe Even a Bit of a Bullshitting Magical Negro, or Happy Friday from My Corner of Trump’s America–Whatever You Like–I’m Tired by Michelle R. Smith – a post that  shifted and impacted my thoughts about race, culture, allies, advocacy, and identity … and for which I continue to read Smith’s thoughtful writing

    “So fuck using love as a weapon for fighting racism. Unless you’re going to make love into an acronym. Unless you’re talking about

    eveling with people about their bigotry;

    Opting into confrontational political action aimed at definitive positive change;

    Voting in every election, not just the Presidential election, so the political process can benefit the oppressed inasmuch as it can in America; and

    Educating yourself about what the-hell the government is doing by reading real news and doing independent, academic research if necessary–yes–you should–knowing the shit that’s happening is that important–look at what just happened back in November. It was only a minute ago.”

My friend, David Ngo

After a morning of manifesting and visioning with several folks brought together by friend David Ngo, David and I spoke about collaborating on an endeavor. During my chat with David, I wept (anger, sadness, frustration) when I shared with him a few thoughts about the Trump Administration and DACA proceedings. Trump is a racist.

So to answer my question – “Why post today?” Partly, it’s a New Year thing. Partly, I have many thoughts about our racist President. Partly, I am finishing up Mychal Denzel Smith’s book. Partly, catharsis. Partly, I am awake and cannot sleep readily.

And mostly,  it’s time to write  – right, Fernando Funes?

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