Cubeopolis | it has been two years

2014 April 4

This date was my last day at a job where I worked 6 years, 8 months,
which is the longest I have worked for someone else
(other than my own consulting practice).*


With the help of a few friends, I cleared out my window-ish cubicle space,
followed the employee separation checklist, and packed and recycled files.
I also packed up tchotchkes for the ride home,

20:45 (Pacific)

… drove over to an Ecuadorian restaurant
for some mezcal, sangria, beer, chulpi, and cheers with friends.


And since then, I have been on – what one of my friends characterized nicely – an accidental sabbatical. More specifically, during these past two years, I have

  • re-established my environmental consulting practice, Resource Catalysts (or R|CAT) – think of power plants, distributed energy resources, environmental regulatory market research, permitting, regulations, and compliance for better air quality – and
  • am establishing my habit coaching practice as a Tiny Habits® Certified Coach with a specialty for An Improv Mindset in the Workspace – think of interactions, workspace, choices, and practices for workspace cultural shifts.

And tonight, I do some improv. (What’s new?)

Indeed, time flies.

*more than 13 years with my business and
3 years, 1 month for the next longest cubeopolis stint.


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