Coaching a Coach

Here is a Reblog Post from my friend Krish Eswaran – author of the blog Improv from Below and fellow improviser. We had a quick happy hour catch-up yesterday, and he commented about his backlog of posts. I am very glad to see he posted this – Coaching a Coach – which relates not only to coaching performing improvisers but also to applied improv pursuits. ENJOY!

Improv from Below

I attribute a lot of the progress I’ve made as an improviser to coaches, so I was excited when Max coached me on my improv coaching a few months ago. The session was part of Endgames’s training for new coaches and teachers, with the goal of instilling best practices to make them more effective in their roles. Since coaches have been integral to my development in areas outside of improv, I figured I could also apply any insights gleaned to other areas in which I serve a similar role.

Max observed me while I coached a three-hour practice with Patchwork. I had coached Patchwork once before this, and the feedback Max had relayed from that session was that the team wanted more notes from me, which was interesting because Patchwork includes many of my improv peers, where there can be some awkwardness in giving notes. I tried to rise to the occasion, but I felt that I’d gone overboard in the amount of notes I’d provided.

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