Anchor | choice, uncertainty, certainty


To get the right things done, choosing what to ignore is as important as choosing where to focus.
– Peter Bregman
(from 18 Minutes)

Today I am having my anchor moment, something I described over here – Account – Let’s Start The Day. My weekly or so day of grounding beyond my meditation.

This post is my typing thoughts out loud. That’s all.

Refresh. It has been more than one month since I have had an anchor day or moment – “… my accountability approaches as a solo-practitioner, which are essentially those times when I can sit-with-myself and reflect on my activities and pursuits.” The most recent moment of sitting with myself was a few days ago, when I regrouped on finishing up administrative paperwork for my environmental and energy consulting practice. This does not count as an anchor.

Breathe. After getting up this morning with a mini to-do list rattling in my head, I shut that shit down. Breathe. That is when I remembered my post about my self-accountability practice. And this quote was included in the post –

“Uncertainty is where things happen.
It is where the opportunities —
for success, for happiness, for really living
— are waiting.”
– Martha Nussbaum

– from Maria Popova’s (on Twitter) Brain Pickings (on web, Twitter) article – Stop Making Plans: How Goal-Setting Limits Rather Than Begets Our Happiness and Success – where Popova talked about Oliver Burkeman’s book The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking —

“… a fascinating look at how our conventional approaches to happiness and success tend to backfire as our very efforts to grasp after such rewards generate a kind of anti-force that pushes us further away from them. This counterintuitive, counterproductive proclivity is particularly palpable when it comes to plans and goal-setting.”

12063497_10153023348831875_5314648133080494526_nMy anchor day? I am going to the Farmers’ Market with my new shoes, a few journals, a laptop, grocery bags, and a phone. I will get some walking in, squat some wi-fi, listen to music, and experience what unfolds (with my new kicks).

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