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So Much SoRay and Nish

Week 5 of THUNDERDOME Cage Match (on Facebook) was Tuesday. Guam (on Facebook), an improv troupe, had our fifth win (after our fourth week’s win)*.Thanks GUAMANIACS! As we head into week 6, we do not know and do not have a sixth sense who will be keeping Dermy, The Pig, warm after next Tuesday. We do know we’ll have fun!

Thanks to the debonair duo of So Much So (on Facebook) for a great evening. We did not win the THUNDERDOME rock, paper, scissors, which determines who enters first or second. We entered first. Here we are in the green room after our set.


After our set, Guam (L-R: Shirley, Ashley, Ariel, Mithra) feeling good. Thanks for the audience suggestion of a common household item: SPATULA

As a benefit of performing first,  Guam had the pleasure of watching So Much So do their thing – connecting through character relationships that are interesting, engaging, and entertaining!

imageimageAnd if you were wondering – Who can make the relationship between a human being and a bovine engaging? MOO! So Much So can do so (much so).


Human being + Bessie, So Much So (L-R: Ray, Nish) keeping it real and organic.


THUNDERDOME, as described by host Endgames Improv (on Twitter, web), is as follows –



Thanks to host/emcee Julie for a fun Sept 15 evening!

“Two teams enter, ONLY ONE SURVIVES! THUNDERDOME is the weekly cage match style show through Endgames Improv Theater. Every Tuesday at 9 pm two teams enter the THUNDERDOME and improvise for the audience’s laughter and adulation.

The winner receives glory, fame, wealth, and a high five. The loser gets a lifetime supply of shame, embarrassment, and a disappointed text from their mother. The best part: the audience decides the winner! Come judge some people every Tuesday at 9 pm! $5!”

Our Next Thunderdome Challenger: Michetti Cuts

We will be taking care of Dermy, The Pig, until next Tuesday, September 22 – when we share the next THUNDERDOME with Challenger Michetti Cuts – the dashing duo of Sam Turnbull and Brandon Knapp.




We do not know who will win. Our sixth sense has not been completely honed. We do know that five of us will be at THUNDERDOME, so yeah – we’ll have our full Guam crew.

See you Tuesday, September 22, 9:00-10:00
Tickets at the door ($5 or free for current Endgames Improv students)
Tickets in advance at Eventbrite OVER HERE.

* Here we are after wins during weeks one, two, three, and four.

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