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MV5BMTQ4MDEzMDY1OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwODI0MTM3._V1._SX100_SY140_The numbers all go to eleven.
Look, right across the board, eleven, eleven, eleven and…
Eleven. Exactly. One louder.

– Nigel Tufnel, lead guitarist of Spinal Tap

We areThe Letters.

We are over hereFacebook, Twitter, National Improv Network.


This is us (L to R): Krish Eswaran, Jesh Bratman, Avi Rajput Angela Perez, Mike Ortiz, Shirley Rivera.

We will be performing in tonight’s (Sept 15) 11th Annual The San Francisco Improv Festival (on Facebook, Twitter, web). SEVEN pm is when the show starts. We are first/opening in tonight’s show line-up. We’ll pump it up to ELEVEN, in the spirit of Nigel!

The Letters is a team of supportive, friendly, smart, daring, and playfully-motivated collection of improvisers with our core group of six San Francisco cast members and our extended family of two Chicagoans.

ghostball MeganWith a breadth of improv training among us, we also are a diverse team – ethnicity, gender, age (with a 25-year difference between our youngest and oldest troupe members), and height (of at least a 1-foot difference between the shortest and tallest). We share a philosophy of fostering a troupe culture that supports our co-creating a fun, long-form format.

Our show’s inspiration and fun begins at the start of reading a passage from a book and continues throughout our show. Words that describe our show’s evolution include: movement, playful stage pictures, a lot of physicality, interesting voices and sounds, patterns, word-induced transitions and scene transformations, surprising ourselves … and the one we hear most often – organic scenes.

11th Annual San Francisco Improv Festival

11222583_10154213165379968_3476169944063695498_n (1)Tonight, September 15, we will be opening for this evening’s show at The San Francisco Improv Festival (on Facebook, Twitter, web) –  Local Flavor Night, from 7:00 – 9:00pm at The Eureka Theater (on web) nearby the Financial District. FIVE improv troupes will be performing, and The Letters will be opening the evening’s show! (Check out other festival shows – tickets over here)

Featured Writer: Roman Rimer

We have a special guest – Roman Rimer (on Facebook) – who will share one of his original writings to inspire our show.

12029749_1630105457241915_5891257510280709048_oRoman Rimer is a nomadic storyteller, activist, and spoken word performer. Roman will share a passage from his work-in-progress, PEACE EARTHLINGS. Currently calling San Francisco his home, Roman has performed across the country and at many colleges and universities. Roman is host of “The Weekly Review” (on Facebook) on Mutiny Radio (on Facebook, web, Twitter) tune-in /stream on-line Fridays at noon.) He co-hosts the monthly SF LGBTQ Improv Jam (on Facebook). And during Pride Month, Roman was featured at the San Francisco Queer Open Mic (on Facebook, web) and Spectrum Queer Media’s Oakland Queer Open Mic (on Facebook, web).

Local Flavor – Home Grown Bay Area Improv Troupes

We’ll share the evening’s stage with four other SF Bay Area homegrown improv troupes (pictured below and in the order of tonight’s show line-up) for which you will certainly have a wonderful sampling of improv –


Euro Trash on Facebook


Off One Letter on Facebook


Cat Dance on Facebook


Stage 4 Improv on Facebook

See you tonight, September 15, 7:00-9:00
Tickets in advance at Eventbrite OVER HERE
At the door: $30.
Limited discount tickets at Goldstar.com OVER HERE.
Want to watch other SF Improv Festival shows? Tickets OVER HERE.


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