Thunderdome | guam, entering week 5


Guam from L – R: Shirley, Frances, Ariel (headband), Mithra, Ashley

Yesterday, Tuesday, we had our fourth win (after last week’s win)*, against the dynamic duo of The Deschanel Sisters. Who are we? We are Guam (on Facebook), an improv troupe.

We emerged from the weekly San Francisco THUNDERDOME Cage Match (on Facebook), hosted by Patrick Wu. Next week we share Thunderdome with another duo, the debonair dudes – So Much So (on Facebook, “… a San Francisco based improv duo. They perform long form comedic improv.).


THUNDERDOME, as described by host Endgames Improv (on Twitter, web), is as follows –

“Two teams enter, ONLY ONE SURVIVES! THUNDERDOME is the weekly cage match style show through Endgames Improv Theater. Every Tuesday at 9 pm two teams enter the THUNDERDOME and improvise for the audience’s laughter and adulation.

1654138_410305982469478_7227331797214444416_nThe winner receives glory, fame, wealth, and a high five. The loser gets a lifetime supply of shame, embarrassment, and a disappointed text from their mother. The best part: the audience decides the winner! Come judge some people every Tuesday at 9 pm! $5!”

Our Next Thunderdome Challenger: So Much So

We look forward to our next Thunderdome with the debonair dudes of So Much So (on Facebook) – “… a San Francisco based improv duo. They perform long form comedic improv.” They are Rehan Kahn and Nishit Tewari.

11129895_864559406933531_6370627493615765841_n 10154284_685863941469746_7939549507630750022_n 10885441_809920875730718_4279115988994347873_n

See you Tuesday, September 15, 9:00-10:00
Tickets at the door ($5 or free for current Endgames Improv students)
Tickets in advance at Eventbrite OVER HERE.

*Here we are after our first and second wins.


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