Thunderdome | guam, dermy the pig, again

guam_thunderdome week 2

GUAM, L to R: Shirley, Frances, Ariel, Mithra, Ashley

Last night, Tuesday, THIS happened AGAIN. And by again, it is because THIS happened last week.

All female-improv group Guam (on Facebook) came out as the evening’s winner – after being challenged by Jax – at the weekly San Francisco THUNDERDOME Cage Match (on Facebook), produced by James Roop.


THUNDERDOME, as described by host Endgames Improv (onTwitter, web), is as follows –

“Two teams enter, ONLY ONE SURVIVES! THUNDERDOME is the weekly cage match style show through Endgames Improv Theater. Every Tuesday at 9 pm two teams enter the THUNDERDOME and improvise for the audience’s laughter and adulation.

1654138_410305982469478_7227331797214444416_nThe winner receives glory, fame, wealth, and a high five. The loser gets a lifetime supply of shame, embarrassment, and a disappointed text from their mother. The best part: the audience decides the winner! Come judge some people every Tuesday at 9 pm! $5!”

Thanks to friends who shared their sentiments about our set, summarized as –

It was clear [you] enjoyed each other and the team chemistry was palpable.

Our Next Thunderdome Challenger: Fools of Mercury

We look forward to our next Thunderdome with Fools of Mercury (on Facebook) – a San Francisco-based improv group consisting of Nathan Emley, Rico Roque, and Andy Schweig.

1549570_599682583420278_188203632_nSee you Tuesday, September 1, 9:00-10:00
Tickets at the door ($5 or free for current Endgames Improv students)
Tickets in advance at Eventbrite OVER HERE.


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