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 We improvise together.
We are Guam.
You are Guamaniacs.


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How we came together. Formed initially because San Francisco’s improv team Vagina Jones (on Twitter, Facebook) created an Incubator Program in May 2015, the six women pictured above formed a team in hopes of being selected for the program. (At the time, we did not have a troupe name – just an interest in playing with each other.) The program description on the submission application form stated –


Vagina Jones from top to bottom, L-R: Stacy, Keara, Julie, Chelsea, Kaeli, Chrysteena

The Vagina Jones Incubator is a hatchery for new improv teams whose majority of members identify as female. Incubator Teams will have rehearsal space, Vagina Jones team members as coaches, an Endgames showcase performance, and endlessly positive vibes provided to them — free of charge. The Incubator Program lasts 7 weeks with the goal of the new group continuing to practice and perform after the program comes to a close, resulting in a higher percentage of female-identifying members in the San Francisco improv community.

Although we were not selected, we chose to form a practice group with the intention of performing together. The same week that the selection of a team was announced, Mithra secured a practice space (weekly Friday practices) through the end of August.

Since we started practicing in May, we have performed at a few improv jams. Just this past week, we have been busy, busy bees. We performed at two events in San Francisco – the August (last Saturday) Camp Improv Utopia Indie Night and this past Tuesday’s THUNDERDOME Cage Match. Thanks to audience voting, we became this week’s winner and caretakers of Dermy the Pig. This means we will face a challenger this coming Tuesday. Such is the excitement and nature of THUNDERDOME!

The Lady Jam, a Monthly Jam

11143382_10153512966356753_6680980540856294166_oYesterday, Wednesday, we performed at Vagina Jones’ monthly (third Wednesday of each month) The Lady Jam. Yesterday marked the one-year birthday of The Lady Jam. Yesterday’s event was described as –

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to all you amazing Lady Jammers, happy birthday to you! The Lady Jam turned one year last month and on August 19th, we will celebrate! We can’t think of a better way to celebrate than doing killer improv. We’ll be celebrating the Lady Jam birthday with an improv jam for all humans who identify as female, a raffle, and dancing in a safe and controlled environment.

Join us!

Doors open at 6:30PM and jam starts at 7PM. For any of our awesome East Bay and South Bay jammers–if it’s hard to get to Stage Werx by 7PM, never fear. You can sign up to play at anytime during the jam–just grab one of our Lady Jam production team members and they will gladly put you on the list.

Anyone who identifies as a lady is encouraged to sign up to jam as an individual or as a team at this all-lady improv jam. All are welcome to attend, but it’s ladies only on stage.

Admission is free for performers and audience members.
Bring some galpals, cash for the raffle and refreshments, and a strong desire to DANCE, LAUGH, AND BLOW OUT THE JAM CANDLES.

A big thank you to EndGames Improv and our donors because this wouldn’t be happening without them.”

We performed with other female-identified improvisors and celebrated with those in attendance – men and women. And when I say “we performed” –


Guam, at The Lady Jam – L to R: Mithra, Sabrina, Shirley

– we enjoyed performing a three-person set. Yes! Even at 50% capacity, we had a great, fun time.

Afterwards, it was wonderful to have friends share how they enjoyed the movement part of our form and how they saw our chosen movements being a reflection of and related to some aspect of each of our characters in our monoscene opening. Nailed it!

We Love Sabrina

Sabrina, for the time being, will not be regularly performing with us. She will be in a different time zone as  Professor of Animation, and she has already found an improv community.*  We are VERY EXCITED for her, and we know that she is excited, too. And we look forward to when she is back in San Francisco OR when we are out Atlanta.

Let’s keep up to date and in touch on Facebook at Guam Improv.

* (SHHH … we all know improv is a cult.
if she didn’t find improv, improv would find her.)

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