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Last night, Tuesday, THIS happened. Guam (on Facebook) – an all-female improv group that serves up loving, group creationing – came out as the evening’s winner of the weekly San Francisco THUNDERDOME Cage Match (on Facebook), produced by James Roop. I am part of Guam. Guam is caretaker (this week) of Dermy, the Pig.


Meet GUAM. L to R: Ariel, Ashley, Dermy (the pig), Mithra, Shirley

Our format elements. A bit about Guam’s format – we are co-creating our format. The three primary elements we have are a  monoscene, movement, and montage. Our opening is a monoscene for which all players, at least at some point in the scene, are all on stage as distinct characters. From our monoscene, we transition into a kind of Diamond Dance, where we each express a movement (silent) inspired by our own character; each of us mimics each character’s movement as one does in Diamond Dance.  From our movement, we transition into a montage where we can discover scenes inspired by the characters and environment in the monoscene.

What I experienced for THUNDERDOME is that we had an interesting story develop around one of the characters. While we did not intend to do a narrative, many of the scenes contributed to elements of this character’s back story and ultimately the character’s trajectory.


THUNDERDOME, as described by host Endgames Improv (onTwitter, web), is as follows –

“Two teams enter, ONLY ONE SURVIVES! THUNDERDOME is the weekly cage match style show through Endgames Improv Theater. Every Tuesday at 9 pm two teams enter the THUNDERDOME and improvise for the audience’s laughter and adulation.

1654138_410305982469478_7227331797214444416_nThe winner receives glory, fame, wealth, and a high five. The loser gets a lifetime supply of shame, embarrassment, and a disappointed text from their mother. The best part: the audience decides the winner! Come judge some people every Tuesday at 9 pm! $5!”


Teenage Spinsters L – R: Jessie, Lexi, Beto, Giorgia, Charlotte (not pictured, Grace)

Guam challenged returning champions, Teenage Spinsters. Who are Teenage Spinsters? They are the lovely team of improvisors  selected by San Francisco improv team Vagina Jones (on Twitter, Facebook) as Vagina Jones’ first female-majority incubator team. Teenage Spinsters are Lexi, Charlotte, Giorgia, Jessie, Grace, and Beto.

Extra special fun. What made yesterday extra special, at least for me, was to perform with Guam for the first time outside of an improv jam setting. Also, playing along side Teenage Spinsters is awesome. This group came out of the VJ incubator, and it is great to see them performing not only at Thunderdome but also elsewhere. Also, there was as my team mate coined word – LADYDOME. Yesterday evening’s Thunderdome was a female-majority improvisor show. And finally, a friend shared this about our set –

overall great set; loved it; loved the physical comedy and weirdness

Thanks friend!!!
See you and others next Tuesday, August 25.
Guam will be defending our Dermy, the Pig.

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