Thanks so much to a friend who shared the following –

This came at a great time. After an improv show this week, my friend expressed how she enjoys watching me play. I enjoy verbal hugs, and I especially respect her opinions.

The next day, I wrote her a note thanking HER for her kind words.

Why are her comments timely? I am taking a hiatus from that improv troupe to get a perspective on my improv interests. I also am digging deeper into behavior design and coaching, which involves improv practices and philosophies. And I am pursuing various creative activities, all the while keeping a few fingers on the pulse of the environmental, power plant development, and air quality consulting industry sectors.

In fact, in late July, I will be taking a Commedia dell’ Arte workshop. In your body, indeed.

What verbal hugs (or even physical hugs) have you given your improvisor friend(s)?

Playing | improv “in your body”

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