Already | you are already an improvisor

“… that is some affluent, horse shit thinking”τμ
– Jane Morris

jane morris cropped copyJane Morris (on web, twitter) is one of my spirit animals. This is something I decided after meeting her this past weekend at the 2015 Femprovisor Fest (on web, twitter).

Jane, along with three other women – Betsaida LeBron, Valerie Ward, Sunita Deshpande – shared their experience, perspective, and suggestions during the panel discussion “Make HER Happen. Be The Change.” (Facebook event)

FFest PanelOur panel discussion, initially focused on the topic of increasing and sustaining the presence of female-identified improvisor, evolved into a discussion regarding the broader topic of diversity.

1_Cover_Panel Topic2_Panel Discussion

(There will be a separate post elsewhere specific to the panel discussion.)

As a follow-up to the panel discussion, Jane shared her Write Club LA (on Facebook, YouTube) talk – “Improvise”

That said, from Jane’s talk –
What’s your favorite quote(s), theme(s), and/or idea(s)?


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