Practice | creating habits and behaviors


I think that’s one of the things that happens when you are thinking about a given idea a lot; you start seeing resonances to that idea everywhere, in the things that you read, the things that you see.
Ted Chiang
(Avi Solomon interview of Ted Chiang on Writing)

I am a Behavior Designer who is very much inspired by Improvisation. I am an Improvisor who strives to practice the craft of improv not only on stage but also in life. I am a Tiny Habits® Certified Coach who helps people create habits, quickly and easily – starting out small, creating tiny habits, and engaging in practices that support such habits – shifts happen with tiny changes. I am inspired by the characteristics and behaviors of being a Servant-Leader.

Having already crossed the half-century mark, I am a collection of my experiences (more and the memories I make. And while I can’t empirically say that with age comes wisdom, I can say that I am leading an improvised life – and I am here to support others making shifts in their improvised lives

Inspired by improv philosophies and practices, while respecting a person’s values and endeavors, I support those people making shifts (or even just thinking of making shifts) in their lives. What kind of shifts? Those that we think of as big shifts such as decisions about school, work, a personal project, and health, as well as shifts that may arise in attitude, mindfulness, beliefs, and self-awareness.

This blog is my start for sharing thoughts and ideas that influence my perspectives as a coach. This feeds into my pursuit of Anthrocubelogy for the workspace.

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